Jun Audio Offical Site


Hello, my name is Jun, and this is my homepage for my works and commissions.
I accept any invitations and commissions for sound engineering and CD making from both personal and corporative groups.

My Newest Works

Android Girl DECO*27/ Coverd Lyriqueee




Currently at Work

Lucky to be working every day! wwwwww

I also accept commissions in recording directions other than mixing commissions.
(Living in Japan limited)

I’m so thankful for having commissions everyday nowadays, I am a very busy guy, but am willing to work for higher levels of completed work.
I am also planning to buy more equipment in the near future.
Wanting a higher quality of recording done for your work??
Then I encourage you to let me help!!
I will strictly and surely help you get your perfect track.
I do both solo and full band recording. Please contact me for more info.